Our workshop maintains your scissors and cutting heads.

So your tools are always sharp and your customers satisfied.

A complete, professional service :

  • Sharpening
  • Adjusting the tension
  • Changing screws (if necessary)
  • Stopper maintenance

Know-how made in Switzerland

All of our repair and maintenance operations are carried out in French-speaking Switzerland in our workshops located in Aubonne.

Trust Medicatech, and be sure of the best result as fast as possible.


1. Detecting the problem

The tool cuts badly or is damaged.

2. Dispatching

You can send us your tools by parcel or drop them off on-site.

3. Analysis

A qualified employee submits the instrument to a detailed examination in order to assess its condition and note any defect.

4. Repair and maintenance

We repair the instrument by re-obtaining the specific characteristics for which it was designed. Surface treatment, sharpening, adjustment …

5. Testing in real use conditions

We test the repaired instruments on materials reproducing real conditions of use.

6. Return

Your tools are sent back to you within 7 to 10 days. In a case of emergency, the lead-time can be reduced.


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